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02:05 PM Archivematica Feature #11838 (Won't fix): Add Swagger documentation to SS API
Joel Dunham has been working on other Pull Requests to implement swagger in the storage service. This is happening i...


04:09 PM Archivematica Bug #8680 (New): Descriptive metadata added during transfer is not included in AIP
In my tests, metadata added during transfer is lost when the transfer is sent straight to ingest. Filed github issue...


06:21 PM Disk Image Preservation Feature #10818: HFS disk image tasks [6 support tickets]
HFS is now included in PRONOM v93 as fmt/1105. Steps left to get support for working with HFS disk images into a futu...


03:03 PM Archivematica Bug #11213 (QA/Review): atom dip upload not working
miguel is deploying this now. It has been merged into stable/1.7.x and qa/1.x should be ready to test.


07:29 PM Archivematica Task #9485 (In progress): Create a test transfer with non-Unicode filenames
approved PR
07:13 PM Archivematica Task #8792 (In progress): Update ES maintenance scripts
The archivematica-docs PR listed here is still open and needs review.
07:01 PM Archivematica Bug #6599: DSpace transfer type asks quarantine user decision despite preconfiguration to skip
unassigned still, not sponsored, not making it into 1.7.0 release.


04:31 PM Archivematica Task #11418 (Verified): AM Demo - refresh it and review system for keeping it refreshed
looks good!


02:51 PM Archivematica Task #11418: AM Demo - refresh it and review system for keeping it refreshed
This is for http://sandbox.archivematica.org.
I looked now and the transfers and sips have all been hidden in the ...


07:22 PM Archivematica Bug #10864: Cannot edit metadata for resources in ArchivesSpace pane
Radda and I have reviewed this, and we have decided that it is not possible to safely support editing existing notes ...

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