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09:20 AM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13173 (Feedback): If identifiers contain syntax that conforms to markdown syntax, the identi...
Example: add RTF001_#_1/67_# to the Identifier field in an archival description.
Desired behaviour: identifier is sa...


02:26 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13106 (Verified): Markdown not working on UI "Edit theme" page of archival repository
Markdown is not working in Page content > Description when editing the theme of a repository from the user interface....


10:23 AM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13095 (Verified): 500 error when link PDF digital object with much text content


02:26 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13085 (Verified): Updating an authority record or repository can cause the atom-worker to crash
Tested changing the repository name for 1338 top level descriptions and descendants (total of 54,457 records) and all...


02:55 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13101 (Feedback): When "Enable description change logging" is set to "yes", all Description ...
To recreate:
In Settings, ensure that "Enable description change logging" is set to "no"
From Admin tab, look at "...


02:50 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13079 (Verified): Timeouts occur when trying to access *Manage>Physical Storage* on Ubuntu 1...

Timeouts when trying to access *Manage>Physical storage* are due to a MYSQL 5.7 optimization setting that defaults ...


03:00 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13071 (Feedback): Browse hierarchy is not displaying alphabetically
When the browse hierarchy option is activated (Settings/Treeview/Show browse hierarchy page=yes) and selected from th...
02:54 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #13069 (Verified): Browse Subject and Browse Place not returning content
Steps to recreate: as a logged in or public user
* Click Browse-Places or Browse-Subjects
* List of places or subje...


01:49 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Bug #12998 (New): Cached XML is not being used for EAD downloads when expected
This was reported in the user forum:!msg/ica-atom-users/w8XvZ4fRnaE/vzQoBYCTAwAJ


01:42 PM Access to Memory (AtoM) Feature #12611: Add paging to full-width treeview for top-level records with more than 50 immedia...
Documentation done.

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